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We have created an intimate and bespoke environment to ensure great results within weeks.


This is one of our 12 week Body & Mindset Transformation Camp participant, Nadia. She started with us back in March 2016 and has had an incredible journey with us and still continues with us today in order to achieve even better results.

This is her before and after image for a 12 weeks only.

Nadia has completely transformed her body and lost inches everywhere on her body, in particular round the chest, back (underneath bra) and waist, and most importantly, improved her health and self-confidence.

Well done Nadia! We’re SUPER proud of you 😀

12-Week Transformation

This is Nadia’s 2nd phase of her transformation with us.

Nadia lowered her body fat massively in her first 12 weeks (as seen in her 12-week transformation) and you can notice even more fat loss in her 12 weeks thereafter in this before/after shot. This took total of ONLY 18 weeks for Nadia completely transform her body, health and selfconfidence.

What’s most important about this phase is that we focused on increasing muscle tone and shape, through the use of our advanced nutrition plans and shape-shifting workouts.

​All of Nadia’s results were achieved by simply working out 3 x 45-60 minutes per week with us, our advanced nutrition plans that are designed to dramatically lower body fat rapidly and as healthily as possible. Combine that with an amazing supportive community of other women embarking on the same journey and the one-to-one support from body transformation specialists, you can see how Nadia achieved such phenominal results.

Wait until you see her 1-Year Transformation!!! 😀


This is Pia, one of our semi-private participants. Pia came to us with the objective of loosing her ‘baby weight’ that she just couldn’t shed around her tummy no matter how hard she tried.

Pia is an amazing Mum who is self-employed and works extremely long hours to help supplement her income to support her family. Balancing a high workload with children is extremely difficult but with our help and Pia’s determination, she achieved AMAZING results!

Pia lost inches and substantil amounts of body, especially in her stomach area that you can see in her transformation picture above. She improved her strength and fitness levels rapidly and she is really happy with her results.

Pia still trains with us today and is continuing to work hard and be an awesome mummy, whilst looking after herself and empowering herself as a woman.

Well done Pia! SUPER proud of you 😀


This is Olivia, one of ourpersonal training exclusive members.  Below her before and after shot displaying only Olivia’s first 4 weeks with us. How incredible is this?!

Olivia has gone on to lose a total of 28lbs (2 stone) whilst working extremely long hours and having to travel to and from work (on average 2-3 hours per day).

We’re so proud of you Olivia, because not only is it difficult to even start a transformation, but its even harder when you have such a restricting work schedule.

The commonly used excuse ‘I don’t have time’, is just you lying to yourself. Olivia is a prime example of someone who really wanted to change. Olivia didn’t have a lot of time, but she found time, using it effectively until this day.

Olivia’s results were achieved by only working out 3 x 45-60 minutes per week, our advanced nutrition plans, designed to dramatically lower body fat as effectively and as healthily as possible.

Awesome job Olivia 🙂


24-Week Transformation

This is Marie who has an amazing story to share with you!

Marie came to us in back in January 2016 with the hope of losing 5 stone, losing inches from her entire body, massively building up her self-confidence as it was ruined from previous attempts at weight loss.

Marie had tried EVERYTHING and when I mean ‘everything’, I mean EVERYTHING! Slimming World, Weight Watchers, diet shakes, classes, gym memberships and even one-on-one personal training. Everything she tried failed and she couldn’t seem to find the answer.

In the beginning, Marie was skeptical of the results we could help her achieve, due to everything else she’d ever tried had failed. The thing that amazed us about Marie was despite the fact that she was disappointed and frustrated, she was still hungry for change! She told us what she wanted to achieve, but our biggest question to her, was WHY? Why is this so important to you Marie? Why do you need this body and mindset transformation?

Her response was: “I want to be a role-model for my child. My child loves rollercoasters but I’ve never been able to take him as I don’t fit in them and am just too embarrased”

Already, we knew that because she had created an emotional connection with her goal, she could achieve it with our help. (One of the secrets to achieving your goals by the way).

Fast forward 24 weeks later, Marie has lost over 5 Stone (over 70lbs) and lost over 50 inches from her entire body! Her confidence has improved MASSIVELY and her fitness levels are amazing!

In fact, we were so impressed with the effort Marie put in, we decided to suprise Marie. So, we treated her and her family to a day-out at Europa Park so she could enjoy the moment she always wanted, with her son on the rollercoaster 🙂

The picture above is of us with Marie after we announced the suprise to her. You can see that she’s holding her Europa Park tickets and personalised card from us with so much happiness in her eyes.

Marie still continues to this day getting even better results. Wait to see her complete before/after image after 12 months! You will be amazed!!

Extremely proud of you Marie – thank you for putting your trust into us as your coaches and personal trainers. We love you! 😀

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