The Eerion Method! | Work Out Smart, Not Hard.

The key is to move more. You’ll exercise in the smartest way, combining a maximum amount of fat-burning and toning, while boosting your metabolism and making you feel fabulous. We’ll develop with you the frame of mind where exercise becomes a habit and part of your everyday routine.

Local Basel-based client have the added benefit to train in their own homes with our expert personal training team as an integral part of their bespoke program. We also work internationally and can arrange the same level of bespoke and tailored care wherever you are!

Think Successful!

You’re going to cultivate your winning mindset and repeat it until it becomes an natural reflex, and habit! With this strong winning mindset and a sneak peak at what you are destined to become, you will set yourself up for full success on your program, no self-sabotage tolerated or possible!!. Your brain is the most important muscle, and your best friend, during your transformational journey, and you are going to train your brain and much as your body to achieve sustainable transformation.

Eat Beautiful!

You are what you eat. Never has this been so true, especially when you are embarking on a life and body transformation. During the program, you’ll eat a finely balanced diet of fresh whole foods, evenly portioned throughout the day to keep you in your optimum fat-burning zone, switch off hunger obsessions and ensure that you to feel simply incredible. Our method is gimmick-free and includes recipes for those who cook, as well as practical options on-the-go lifestyles. We’ll establish your personal balance of healthy, simple food with some indulgences – true balance can be achieved… without pain or cravings!!!

Live Well?

With our ongoing support, we’ll help you to integrate your new-found approach to nutrition and exercise into your new sustainable lifestyle. We’ll help you target any lifestyle factors that stand as obstacles on your way of success whether it’s sleep, stress, demanding professional travel requirements or assist you in setting priorities in your own schedule or needs.

Call us to book your free assessment and discovery workout session to take your first step towards a new level of strength and wellbeing.

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