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eerion is the ultimate in Body & Mindest Transformation for Professional Women. The transformatinal journey we offer is through exclusive Coaching Programs such as Training Camps, Semi Private and Small Group Training, 1-ON-1 and Online Mentoring.

Our proven core 3-Pillar Method to achieve success focuses on Training, Lifestyle & Nutrition and finally Mindset.

Brother and sister David and Noelia, founders of eerion, have a clear goal and ambition: to help as many women as possible get into the best shape they have ever had and sustainably maintain this transformation. Our ambition also covers impacting their mindset, making them strong and serene, and capable of sustaining a healthy lifestyle that is the key to self-confidence and is a vital tool to deal with the life’s unexpected surprises. eerion is becoming the leading Body & Mindset Transformation Specialist Coach in Switzerland and beyond.

We are Basel’s fastest growing Personal Training & Coaching outfit and eerion founders David and Noelia Gil are the most sought-after personal trainers in Switzerland. Our fast-growing reputation is based on the high level of service and focus we give to each and everyone of our eerion members.

Eerion opened on the 11th January 2014 and we have already personally coached and helped over 150 professional woment get the physical cndition and shape they always wanted and achieve their overall health and fitness goals. We are so proud of them all, with the knowledge that the deep transformational process also strengthened their mindset and ability to perform professionally.

What’s does eerion mean?

eerion is a play on words based on eerie that stands for extraordinary and ion which is the greek for going. Together they make an extraordinary journey which is what you will have with us… you will take yourself beynd anything you thought possible for yourself. That is why we are here… to help you go further.

Call us to book your free assessment and discovery workout session to take your first step towards a new level of strength and wellbeing.

Sharing our experience with our members

David and Noelia are no ordinary coaches. David was a professional soccer player for 15 years in Europe’s top clubs specialising in competition fitness, speed and acceleration, performance training, nutrition and well-being for personal development. Noelia has two decades of experience as an international professional Ballet dancer, Martial Arts Weapons experts, Stunt Woman in the Film Industry and establishing professional Personal Trainer for Actors and Stunt performers. They now share with you their unique knowledge and expertise in how to prime your body and mind for success.

An Unique Coaching Method Especially Designed For Professional Women

Transform your body, shift your mindset and change your lifestyle is what we believe in, and is what we teach our students. Our body and life transformation process is delivered to you as a smart, thoughtful and inspiring coaching program.

Because every woman that signs up for our program is special and unique, we at eerion intensively work with you to eradicate bad habits while producing astounding and life-changing results for a new you.

Our method has been honed for over 20 years in order to provide you with the most effective results. We respect your wishes and sometimes fears, and help you gradually push yourself to go beyond what you thought was your limits.

Our experience ranges from helping clients to refine their training routines, reframe mindsets as well as improve nutrition habits in order to allow our members to achieve their ultimate body and benefit from a fuller and more enjoyable lifestyle.

Our programs combine the very best nutrition, exercise, mindset and lifestyle advisory, integrating the latest science with practical, easily implementable suggestions. Each and every program is tailored to the member’s unique profile and is designed to break lifestyle patterns. Our experience has taught us that change and evolution is rapid, and as such our programs evolve in tune with our student’s progress to ensure continued results and augment the student’s sense of achievement. We love this process and feel as invigorated as our students are with their progress.

Your success is our success! Your commitment to our program will create the genuine foundation during which we get to know you, understand your fears and possible previous failures, your struggle, pain and frustrations. This initial phase is so important, because within this learning process, we find the keys to unlock your true potential. We are able to support, motivate and inspire you through our own vast journey into physical and mental performance, which we have come to see as one and the same.

Always expect our honest advice to allow you to get the best out of our training and coaching programs. Practical and empathetic, we coach you to cultivate a winning relationship with food, body and mindset while achieving a healthy toned physique, increased self-confidence and become the beautiful you from the inside out.

Call us to book your free assessment and discovery workout session to take your first step towards a new level of strength and wellbeing.

Discover the secrets to durable fitness, high-performance and exceptional wellbeing from genuine sports professionals.

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